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It is difficult to keep kids away from mobile / computer, so Numismatics Academy designed an innovative mobile game called WorldOLA to learn while playing. WorldOLA is also available as a board game. It has different modules so users can play as per their interest. Experience the ongoing games available any time, day or night. Sign on and let the games begin!


Numismatics Academy developed four different modules to learn on; Flags – Currencies – Personalities – Monuments to promote different kids’ interests. In the beginning, computer generates different WorldOLA ticket for individual users in 3 * 5 metrics. Once participants start the game, the computer displays different photos one after another and users need to identify and strike out the name from their WorldOLA ticket. Participants can claim different prizes – like early five, First line – Second line – Third Line – Full House, etc. when they strike out from their WorldOLA ticket.

Difficulty Level

Keeping different age groups and different exposure, WorldOLA has four difficulty levels – Easy – Medium – Hard – Expert; so users can select their difficulty level as per their interest.


Users have options to play in close group via creating group [Play with Friends] or play worldwide users via searching available users for different modules & difficulty level [Find a Game] and even play single player either via game or quiz [Practice].


WorldOLA has two video gallery: (1) Learn with Mr. Nac – includes different educational videos on different topics to explore world flags – personalities – currencies – monuments etc. (2) Watch a tutorial – includes tutorial videos on how to play WorldOLA; overview of the game, creating a room, claim your awards, about different modules, different difficult level etc.