If a players wants to any support regarding any issue related to the WorldOLA game, they can reach out to the WorldOLA Support team by writing an email at support@worldola.in.   It is advised that the player attaches a screenshot and shares the video grab of their issue they are facing in the game and write a description about the issue in the email. The support team will try to solve the issue as fast as possible.

WorldOLA can we play in three ways. (1) WorldOLA ticket (2) WorldOLA Quiz & (3) WorldOLA Spell Bee. For more details refer WorldOLA rules.

You can start watching Mr Nac educational videos series of World Flags – Currencies – Personalities – Monuments – Logos – Tribes – National animals & Birds and much more. And then based on your age & exposure you can select difficulty level and play WorldOLA quiz and WorldOLA tickets.

You can share the screen short or link next to your profile photo on social media and challenge your friends / relatives to beat your score.


You can get all the up to date information related to WorldOLA on www.worldola.in. You can also get information related to updates and the "How to" guides on the official WorldOLA Youtube channel. You can like and follow the official WorldOLA pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated with the latest additions in the game and offers.

Make more existing, Numismatics Academy developed four different modules to learn Flags – Currencies – Personalities – Monuments to promote different kids' interests. In the beginning, computers generate different WorldOLA ticket for individual users in 3 * 5 metrics.  Once participants start the game, the computer displays different photos one after another and users need to strike out the name from their WorldOLA ticket. Participants need to claim different prices – like early five, First line – Second line – Third Line – Full House, etc. when they strike out from their WorldOLA ticket.

Keeping different age groups and different exposure, WorldOLA has four difficulty levels – Easy (5+ Yrs) – Medium (10+ Yrs) – Hard (15+ Yrs) – Expert (15+ Yrs ) so users can select their difficulty level as per exposure level.

WorldOLA has two video gallery: (1) Learn with Mr. Nac – includes different educational videos on different topics to explore world flags – personalities – currencies – monuments etc.  (2) Watch a tutorial – includes tutorial videos on how to play WorldOLA like an overview of the game, creating a room, claim your awards, about different modules, different difficult level etc.